Each mission you complete must be documented and broadcast through Twitter. Include the specific mission hashtag, which can be found on each of the mission profiles below. You must also ALWAYS use the game’s official hashtag (#CuriousCrusaders) when posting about a mission or anything else related to the game. Cornelius will use these hashtags in order to follow the progress of the Curious Crusaders as they complete the assigned missions. Try to complete each mission within the week it is given so that you are ready for the next one. If you’ve started late in the game, don’t worry, just jump right in! You can either do the current week’s mission, or start from the beginning. And REMEMBER! Watch for the weekly curiosity level updates that will be broadcast at the end of each week through this site and on Twitter.

Don’t forget to follow Cornelius on Twitter: @CuriousCrusades

WEEK 1 MISSIONS (Feb 22-27): #CuriousRecruitment and #CuriousContent:

Now that your curiosity has been piqued, click HERE for your induction. This will include instructions for the first two missions: #CuriousRecruitment and #CuriousContent. Good luck!

#CuriousRecruitment example: tell a friend about Curious Crusaders, take a selfie with them, and tweet with the hashtags #CuriousCrusaders and #CuriousRecruitment!

#CuriousContent examples: click HERE to see what other Curious Crusaders have done.

chalkboard mission

WEEK 2 MISSION (Feb 29-March 4): #CuriousCollectibles:

I, Cornelius, have always been curious about why people collect particular, and sometimes very strange items. What is it that makes something a “collectible?” In order to find an answer, I embarked upon a journey to the all-knowing oracle, Wikipedia. “A collectible,” said the Great Wikipedia, is “any object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector.” Therefore, my Curious Crusaders, items that some might see as having little or no value are seen as nothing less than dazzling treasure by their curious collectors.

Your next mission involves a curious collection of items, locked away on campus within a “treasure chest.” A map to these curious collectibles is provided below. X marks the spot. Once you reach the destination, go up the stairs to the second floor and turn right. Look for treasure chest #214. The combination to the lock is 113—the number of years since the very first curious idea inspired the formation of this campus.

When you open the chest, you must pick out a collectible (or two, or three!) and take a picture on campus involving the collectible(s) you have chosen. Get creative and have fun! If you wish, you may summon the help of a companion for this photo op. Tweet the pic with the hashtags #CuriousCollectibles and #CuriousCrusaders. Once you are finished, return the item(s) to the treasure chest for the next Curious Crusader to find. According to the Great Wikipedia, our curious ideas and engagement with these collectibles have the power to transform them from mere rubbish into glorious riches.

I’m curious… what value will you find in these #CuriousCollectibles?

Click HERE to see what other Curious Crusaders have done.

Treasure Map - Curious Collectables

WEEK 3 MISSION (March 7-March 11): #CuriousCollaboration:

If a book is what they call a “real page-turner,” it means the author has taken hold of our curiosity in a way that makes it nearly impossible to put the book down. While the captivating story we have read thus far drives us forward, its indeterminate future pulls us toward the delight of discovering what is yet to be revealed. We must know what is going to happen next. Our curiosity demands it.

Many of us have felt this way while reading, but one can also feel this way while writing. Your next mission, #CuriousCollaboration, will stir up curiosity not only in the reader, but also in the writer. And that writer is YOU . . . all of you! The Curious Crusaders will be writing a collaborative piece of fiction this week, which means not even the writers will know what’s going to happen next! And we begin the story with our opening scene:

“The clouds were heavy and filled with the promise of rain that afternoon. The Darkness of Disinterest sat with a conniving grin on his face, watching the unwitting students move about campus…”

Now the rest is up to you! In order to participate in this mission, you must check the Twitter feed for the hashtag #CuriousCollaboration and be sure to select the “live” or “all tweets” tab to see the tweets in chronological order (as opposed to the “top tweets” option). This is where our story will unfold. It will be written over the course of the week, with each of us contributing one entry at a time by tweeting what we have written with just the hashtag #CuriousCollaboration in order to conserve space for your entry. You can contribute as much as you want and anytime you want, so long as you don’t submit two entries in a row.

I’m curious . . . what will happen NEXT?!


WEEK 4 MISSION (March 14-March 18): #CuriousChallenge:

Week 4 already! We have made it so far, my children, and you have all proven yourself worthy Crusaders. It is time for your next mission, and I believe you are more than ready for the challenge!

#CuriousChallenge involves giving, but ALSO completing, at least one challenge this week. However, I encourage you to give and complete as many as you can to boost the curiosity meter! Challenges must be safe, legal, and rated PG, given in the form of a tweet to your fellow Crusaders with the hashtag #CuriousChallenge. And make sure to document the completion of each challenge with a picture or video.

I have already tweeted three challenges in the #CuriousChallenge twitter feed to get you started. The rest is up to you!

Good luck, and curiosity be with you!


WEEK 5 FINAL MISSION (March 21-March 27): #CuriousConclusion:

We began our fight against the Darkness of Disinterest one month ago today by publicly stating our curiosities on chalkboards all across campus. Since then, we have all worked together to stir up curiosity by turning trinkets into treasure, co-creating a suspenseful story (with a cliff-hanger ending!), and by getting dizzy and blowing some pretty big bubbles.

Though our time as Curious Crusaders is coming to an end, we must keep the curious spirit alive within ourselves, and continue to inspire it within the students around us. According to one of the greatest Curious Crusaders to ever walk this earth, when we do this, we make miracles happen:

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” – Albert Einstein

And so, in order to keep this curious spirit alive, your final mission includes two parts: the first is to retweet one or more of your favorite missions completed by fellow Curious Crusaders during our fight together. The second part is to go back to the chalkboards and write this final message to the Darkness of Disinterest in AS MANY classrooms as you can:

Down with the Darkness of Disinterest! Long live curiosity! #curiouscrusaders

Don’t forget to document and tweet all your chalkboard messages with the hashtags #curiousconclusion and #curiouscrusaders.

Now, go forth my Crusaders, and carry these words with you:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when one contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. NEVER LOOSE A HOLY CURIOSITY.” – Albert Einstein

Einstein Writing on Chalkboard