How To Play

The game is simple: help generate curiosity on campus this semester by engaging in the weekly missions assigned by Cornelius in the Mission Section of this website. Document ALL your missions through Twitter using the game’s official hashtag (#CuriousCrusaders) and the hashtag of the particular mission you are completing (found on each mission profile in the mission section). That way, Cornelius can assess the progress of the Curious Crusaders and other players can also follow along. The level of curiosity on campus will be monitored by the Curiosity Meter and broadcast by Cornelius. This will happen at the end of every week through blog posts on this website. The FINAL mission, which will be announced at the end of March, will determine whether or not we have succeeded in defeating the Darkness of Disinterest!

If you have any questions, tweet them to Cornelius: @CuriousCrusades

With curiosity we happily cure atrocities of apathy! Curious Crusaders Unite!