Curiosity Level Update: RISING, slowly

The results of the second week’s mission are in. Good news and bad new, my Curious Crusaders; the level of curiosity did rise, but not as sharply as the previous week. If our curiosity level continues to move along this trend, we may not have the power to defeat the Darkness of Disinterest once and for all! Continue working on the #CuriousRecruitment mission in order for us to gain more followers, and in doing so, gain more power!

We honor the work done by Curious Crusaders @David_Krismer, @AtlasBrautigan, @Scarias_M, and @jillianwedel this week.

Click HERE to see what they did for the #CuriousCollectibles mission!

The next mission will be released on Monday, March 7th. Curiosity be with you.

Curiosity Meter Dark Orange


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