Curiosity Level Update: Darkeness of Disinterest Defeated! Thanks to the Curious Crusaders!

WE HAVE DONE IT!!! The Darkness of Disinterest has been defeated, thanks to all of the hard work done by YOU, my Curious Crusaders! Now, let us look back on all of the curious things you did on campus this semester:

Week 1: #CuriousContent

Week 2: #CuriousCollectibles

Week 3: #CuriousCollaboration

Week 4: #CuriousChallenge

Week 5: #CuriousConclusion

Though you have completed all of the missions I’ve given you, know that the important work of spreading curiosity is one that must continue throughout your life. Because you have proven yourselves to me, I know that each of my Curious Crusaders has the great gift of curiosity living within them. Now, go forth and spread that gift of wonder with this incredible and curious world that we live in, and never loose a holy curiosity.

“It may be that our cosmic curiosity is a genetically-encoded force that we illuminate when we look up and wonder.” -Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Curiosity Level Update: the Final Stretch

We are almost there, my Crusaders. Curiosity on campus has almost reached the optimal level, and we have just one more mission to make sure we succeed!

Thank you for all you have done to help defeat the Darkness of Disinterest at UVic. You are all such brave and curious souls. Your final mission will be posted on Monday, March 21.

Curiosity be with you all!

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Curiosity Level Update: Collaborative Fiction is the Key to Success

Great news my children! Because of the curious and creative work you did on the #CuriousCollaboration project, curiosity levels on campus have risen significantly!

In addition to all the great writing done by Curious Crusaders @laaurenn__, @Atlas_Brautigan, @jillianwedel, @Scarias_M, and @David_Krismer, we were also joined by Amazon best selling author Sever Bronny! His curious mind has been busy at work creating the adventurous worlds found in the fantasy books of the Arinthian Line. Thank you for joining us in the fight, my son.

And now, here is the epic story you all wrote:

~ The Secret Inside The Mailbox ~

The clouds were heavy with the promise of rain that afternoon. The Darkness of Disinterest sat with a conniving grin, watching the unwitting students move about campus. But clouds could not stop a curious soul from investigating a certain mailbox, said to hide a secret.

“It’s locked!” mumbled the Crusader.

He looked closer at the directions and realized some of the letters were in bold. The Crusader peered even closer at the paper in his hand.

“A puzzle of some sort?” he said, wondering aloud.

He jotted down the bold letters in order: “m-c-p-h-e-r-s-o-n” . . . The Library! The key must be in the library!

Our Crusader began a mad dash across campus toward the dark, looming library. But wait! What was THAT?! In front of the door was man holding a sign which said, “In the library you’ll find a *key* book!”

The Crusader entered the library and sat down at a computer. The library search bar was telling him to enter a “keyword.”

The Crusader typed “book” into the search bar, when suddenly a mysterious man named Evan Labelle arrived. Evan was wearing a t-shirt that said “Serendipity” and was holding a book under his arm. Could that be the key word . . . the key book?!

Evan held the book out toward the Crusader. As the Crusader reached for it, the book rattled and he jumped back. A small piece of paper dropped out of the rattling book. Written on it was “BF 1999 S82”—a call number.

The Crusader grabbed the call number and quickly began his search for the book. He was led all the way to the top floor. He found the book! Tucked away inside: a key!

It was time to discover the secret inside the mailbox.


key book.jpg

Get ready! Your next mission will be released Monday, March 14!Curiosity Meter Meh

Curiosity Level Update: RISING, slowly

The results of the second week’s mission are in. Good news and bad new, my Curious Crusaders; the level of curiosity did rise, but not as sharply as the previous week. If our curiosity level continues to move along this trend, we may not have the power to defeat the Darkness of Disinterest once and for all! Continue working on the #CuriousRecruitment mission in order for us to gain more followers, and in doing so, gain more power!

We honor the work done by Curious Crusaders @David_Krismer, @AtlasBrautigan, @Scarias_M, and @jillianwedel this week.

Click HERE to see what they did for the #CuriousCollectibles mission!

The next mission will be released on Monday, March 7th. Curiosity be with you.

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