Curiosity Level Update: RISING

Well done Curious Crusaders! The Darkness of Disinterest has felt our presence on campus and is trembling with fear. I am grateful to @Baronlmagino, @David_Krismer, @laarenn__, @jillianwedel, and @Scarias_M for completing the first mission: #CuriousContent. Click here to see what the other Curious Crusaders were curious about!

The fight, however, is far from over my children. While you have proven yourselves worthy Curious Crusaders, we need even MORE curiosity in order to defeat the Darkness of Disinterest once and for all. This means recruiting more Curious Crusaders. So spread the word far and wide!

Your next mission will be released on Monday, February 29th. Curiosity be with you.

With curiosity we happily cure atrocities of apathy!

Curiosity Meter Orange