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Cornelius, the Curator of Curiosity at UVic, has noticed that the level of curiosity on campus is at an all time low due to the lurking presence of the Darkness of Disinterest. He has decided to recruit a team of Curious Crusaders who will help boost curiosity on campus in order to save the university from imploding into a black hole of indifference. YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE CRUSADERS!

Cornelius is said to have sparked the very first curious idea upon which the university was founded in 1903. He wondered what might happen if seekers of knowledge came together within a circle of understanding. Not long after, Ring Road was formed and the curious came from far and wide to learn about the mysteries of what could be known. In over one hundred years, no one has ever seen Cornelius in the flesh. Legend tells us that curiosity about who exactly the Curator of Curiosity is and where he resides is what keeps his spirit alive; if his identity were made known, he would cease to exist.

In the many years he has served as Curator of Curiosity on campus, Cornelius has learned that the easiest way to produce a concentrated amount of curiosity in a short amount of time is to have brave individuals like you collectively generate curiosity within yourselves and those around you. It is this curiosity that Cornelius believes will save our campus. According to his calculations, our curiosity levels at UVic are so low that this may be our only hope!

Please, join the Curious Crusaders in bringing curiosity back to our campus so that we might save this place of wonder from the Darkness of Disinterest. Learn how to get involved in the How to Play section.

With curiosity we happily cure atrocities of apathy! Curious Crusaders Unite!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, this is super exciting. I have a quick question though.
    I don’t actually attend UVic, as I’m currently at camosun with the intent to transfer there later, so I was wondering if there’s still a way I can get involved in this. It sounds like a super cool idea, and I’d love to play somehow.

    Any thoughts?


    1. Greetings David, my friend. Your curiosity towards this great mission brings me much joy. Because you have demonstrated your curiosity, you are now one of us. Welcome to the Curious Crusaders! To help us in the fight against the Darkness of Disinterest, please follow my Twitter @CuriousCrusades and check this website for curiosity level updates and new missions. You can either make the journey to UVic and take part in the missions here, or bring this curiosity to Camosun Campus and its students. If we work together on this, curiosity will prevail! Now.. go out and spread the word!!


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